I Love It For Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4.0-5.6 IS Telephoto Zoom Lens

Incorporating Canon’s Optical Image Stabilizer technology, this Canon 55-250mm telephoto zoom lens captures long distance, low-light pictures a long way higher than many comparable lenses, serving to you photograph the far-off action of athletes or zoom in for an intimate portrait with a blurred background. The high-zoom-ratio lens is similar to a focal duration of 88-400mm in the 35mm layout (when used on Canon EOS cameras compatible with EF-S lenses). More significantly, the image stabilizer impact creates an similar shutter speed of roughly 4 stops quicker than the similar measurement lens with out an image stabilizer. In different words, if the slowest shutter pace you’ll dangle a 250mm lens frequently is typically 1/250th of a second, this Canon lens will assist you to hand-hold shutter speeds as slow as 1/15th of a second. The lens additionally boasts a UD-glass lens part to correct chromatic aberration to create very good symbol quality all through the zoom range. Delivering a very good performance at an affordable value for all photographers, the 55-250mm lens incorporates a one-year warranty.

first evaluation is I Love It For IS and Zoom Range at this Price, Not Pure Performance

I was once decided to love this lens in accordance with the specs and value element alone. Canon in point of fact had to come out with this lens at this price because Nikon gives an overly first rate Vibration Reduction lens at more or less the same range for a similar price, leaving me to make apologies for Canon and their overlook to all my Nikon friends.

The IS will also be switched off to save lots of battery life but I have not spotted a distinction in battery performance with it. The IS is handiest activiated when you press the shutter midway for auto focus. Although it FEELS like there’s a small lag for the IS to start, I do not suppose I’ve had any pictures messed up because of it.

You can HEAR the IS. A little ordinary after using aspect and shoots that experience IS that may be silent, however it doesn’t seem to have an effect on performance

Pro: Great value for an image stabilized zoom lens. I paid 299 and am very happy even supposing Amazon is selling it for 280 every week later. ALso arrive 2 months sooner than Amazon first of all promised. This lens has NEVER been 400 dollars. Its MSRP from Canon prior to free up was once 299.00. Shame Amazon!

Pro: Images are very sharp.

Pro: Image stabilization does a VERY great job. Four stops as advertised by way of Canon? I’m no longer so sure. GREATLY enhancing the composition experience at 250mm? Absolutely.

Pro: Much smaller and lighter than the 70-300 of any producer and far sharper than my Sigma 70-300.

Con: Cheapish feel. But simply use it, surrender feeling it already. Plastic mount. But if you NEED a steel mount, would possibly I recommend you’re being a bit of rough with your camera. *UPDATE* The plastic flanges on back were in a position to hold the digicam securely to the lens, but NOT dangle the rear cap securely to the lens. I’ve attempted a variety of rear lens caps that have compatibility snugly on different lenses. So I suppose this is beyond reasonable feel and should be known as CHEAP BUILD.

Con: This lens is a bit of (ok, perhaps no longer so little) slow to focus in dim light, every so often it misses altogether when I think other lenses of mine may have had no difficulty.

Con: I by no means gave Inner Focusing so much thought on my other lenses until I used this. The entrance of this lens rotates AND movements out and in a LOT even as focusing, so much so that you MAY even want to recompose your shot. The length of this lens adjustments virtually an inch across the point of interest range. I just checked my Sigma 70-300 and located that it does also, but I’ve never seen it make as a lot distinction in the viewfinder as I even have with this Canon. Your belief may vary.

This lens and the quickly to be arriving 18-55 IS because the XSi kit lens will allow me to hold one much less lens to achieve an 18-250 IS range. For a little bit extra money than the price of each lenses you’ll be able to get the Tamrom 18-250 however now not have Image Stabilization. And now Sigma has an 18-200 WITH Optical Stablization for roughly what those 2 lenses cost retail, but in testing the two Canons produced better images.

Conclusion: A great EF-S lens for Canon users. (even if Nikon had to drive Canon to make it for us.)

Hope this helps.
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A True Pocket Camera with HD Video with canon powershot sd780is 12.1mp

The new iPod vintage comes with 160GB of storage in the similar compact size, making it the take-everything-everywhere iPod. It’s available in integral silver or placing black. iPod classic also has numerous battery lifestyles (up to 36 hours of audio playback or 6 hours of video playback), good seems (a sleek, anodized aluminum design), and different great options (Cover Flow and Genius playlists for creating absolute best playlists). You will even rent a film from iTunes and watch it at the go.

My favorite iPod to date. (A.K.A. The iPod Apple should’ve launched in 2007.),

NOTICE: This assessment is for the NEW 2009 160GB iPod Classic, NOT the 2007 160GB iPod Classic!

The new 160GB iPod Classic is definitely Apple Inc.’s absolute best iPod to date, and out of all of the iPods that I own, that is my favorite.

First, the capability of this iPod is solely unbeatable. I’ve but to see another transportable media player that can match the iPod Classic in capacity. I actually have a huge music library, and it is nice to be able to elevate every song that I personal on my particular person in any respect times. What’s more, way to the iPod Classic’s capacity, I even have room to hold a few videos with me, and some of my photos. If you do not like having to pick out which songs to load onto your portable media player, the iPod Classic is the right way to go.

The second factor that I love about this iPod may also be summed up in two words: it works. The 160GB iPod Classic that was presented in 2007 was once extremely buggy, had a non-responsive Clickwheel on many units, crashed frequently, and required a hit-and-miss firmware replace to prevent the arduous power from spinning even if the device used to be “off,” which frequently lead to lifeless batteries. All of those issues left the 2007 160GB iPod Classic warming shelves and earning it the notorious “honor” of being the “worst promoting iPod ever,” according to Apple. I’m happy to say that the brand new 160GB iPod Classic released in advance this month has just about none of those problems. There’s no “spinning exhausting force bug,” the Clickwheel is amazingly responsive, and the software isn’t crash-prone. While it is true that many of those issues were fixed with ultimate year’s iPod Classic, there hasn’t been a in point of fact useful 160GB type until now. To positioned it bluntly, this is the iPod that Apple should’ve released in 2007.

Another factor that I actually like approximately this iPod, and the iPod Classic in general, is it is skill to double as an external arduous drive. While I believe that the iPod Nano is also capable of this, the only iPod that truly has enough room to serve as as an exterior onerous force is the iPod Classic. The onerous drive functionality admittedly reduces the selection of gadgets I have to carry on me at any given time. If you frequently paintings with massive recordsdata and are taking into consideration a new iPod, the iPod Classic is learn how to go, plain and simple.

So what are the caveats? Well for starters, as with every different iPod Classic, this is a hard-drive (rather than flash-memory) based device. As a result, it has transferring parts which make it flawed for operating or any bodily process that exerts mechanical surprise onto the iPod. Unless you workout repeatedly with your iPod though, this in point of fact should not be an issue. The best different caveat, that is more of personal taste than a real flaw, that I can find, is that Apple has no longer made any cosmetic changes to this device considering that they presented it in 2007. Now don’t get me wrong, the point of an iPod “Classic,” is to hold the “Classic” design, but after seeing how significantly better a black Clickwheel appears to be like at the silver iPod Nano, I’d have thought that Apple may have given the silver iPod Classic a black Clickwheel as well. However, I admit that that is completely my non-public desire and now not a “flaw” in step with se. I’ve put a quick checklist of pros and cons together, which can also be seen below:

Pros: Largest iPod Capacity-wise, lengthy battery life, “Genius” feature, superb worth to your money, well-built, doubles as an external onerous drive, and improvements to Cover Flow.

Cons: Hard Drive (rather than Flash memory) based garage medium; device is cosmetically identical to the 2007 80GB model. (I nonetheless don’t be aware why Apple hasn’t coloured the Clickwheel black on the silver model to compare the iPod Nano.)

Finally, I may highly recommend this product, that is why it gets 5 stars from me. I do not just like the iPod Nano; it is too small for my hands, and the monitor is too small for my eyes. While the iPod Touch could have app retailer access and Wi-Fi, I to find it to be a actually gimmicky device, that makes for a bad portable media player, (Apple used to be wise to place it as a hand-held sport system,) and is really an “iPhone with no phone.” In contrast, the iPod Classic is an excellent transportable media player, it has a very good interface, and it best prices $249 dollars. To positioned things in perspective, the 2009 160GB iPod Classic costs $70 bucks greater than a 16GB iPod Nano, and $150 greenbacks not up to a 64GB iPod Touch. All in all, I highly counsel this product…

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A True Pocket Camera with HD Video with canon powershot sd780is 12.1mp

It may be the slimmest Digital ELPH Canon has ever created, but the impact couldn’t be bigger. The PowerShot SD780 IS Digital ELPH captivates the senses with daring saturated colors and a daringly unique design that fits the depth of Canon’s most innovative digicam technology. Even whilst picture-taking prerequisites appear pretty unforgiving, you have got Canon on your side. So the photographs you used to omit are the photographs you’ll be able to now be sharing, and the flicks you never took before shall be HD unforgettable.

I just purchased this Canon on a whim, earlier as of late at Best Buy. I have been tinkering with it for almost all of the evening. My previous SD300 continues to be working like a champ, then again I have been considering a video digicam for a few time…after a few peering at the video digicam counter I wandered over to the purpose and shoot table… what to begin with drew me in to the SD780IS was once its appearance at the display stand. The sleek matte-black frame is very eye-pleasing…then I looked on the specs. and learned that it shoots video in HD! (1280×720) Then all of the different attributes made me understand that it used to be time to update my “everywhere, anytime” camera.
I proceeded to try one of the most different Canon SD cameras. The SD960 become the other candidate…it has just a little extra glass(4x)zoom, over the SD780’s (3x)zoom. The SD960 has an appealing f2.8 apeture over the SD780’s f3.2. The SD960’s monitor is extra adapted for the HD video seize as it has a 16:9 ratio LCD panel. (Kinda great for instant viewing ON THE CAMERA)
After a few concept I went with the SD780 for those reasons:

1. The HD video capacity is awesome and comparible with the SD960. It has a HDMI jack. The traditional 4:3 screen does now not trouble me, for the reason that video is in the end going to be considered on a HD TV.(There can be an upper and lower bar on 16:9 playback in the course of the SD780’s LCD).

2.The weaker 3x zoom is not a large deal as this digital camera is for basic shooting(out w/ freinds, bars, random afternoon at the beach, mountain biking, etc.)and with this digital camera EASLIY fitting in my denims pocket or camelbak, the portability is what provides me the opportunity to file those moments, that might in a different way be missed. The SD960 is a little bulkier(but nonetheless small). I do additionally shoot with a Canon 40D, observed with L optics, however the weight and bulkiness don’t lend to positive capturing circumstances. (as mentined above)

3. The person interface at the SD780IS is like so much (if now not all?) preceeding SD cameras. While there isn’t a lot regulate in the way of taking pictures settings, characteristic buttons like flash override, AE lock, AF lock, and exposure reimbursement are present on the digicam body. The SD960IS has two buttons and a jog wheel, which lend to swims within the menu. I’m certain the brand new interface at the 960 is intuitive, but I appreciated the 780 because of its similarity to my antique SD300.

I am more than pleased with the results produced to this point with the SD780IS. The HD video is excellant, alternatively it should be identified that once recording you can only zoom digitally. Low gentle cabilities and sound in video mode are excellent. The stills I have taken glance great. Also, to the budget-minded who are upgrading from older virtual point-and-shoots, a class 4 minimum 4GB or 8GB SDHC card could be well suited as a result of the difficult reminiscence of the 12.1 million pixels, and HD video. Also, such a lot antique card readers is not going to process the the SDHC playing cards so you may have to buy a new card reader as well.

I have to say it again…the small dimension of the Canon SD780IS is mind-blowing…and the capability actually mirrors its beauty.

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Snart recird video with flip ultrahd camcorder one hundred twenty minutes black and it is done the product comparisons for you

The Flip UltraHD Camcorder combines Flip Video’s signature shoot-and-share simplicity with the ability of vivid, vibrant HD video. Power on and press report to start capturing unbelievable HD video in seconds. When its time to percentage your video, use the flip-out USB arm to connect to any PC or Mac and release built-in FlipShare enhancing and video-sharing software. Built-in FlipShare instrument allows you to easily email videos, edit particular person clips, make customized movies, seize nonetheless pictures from video, and even upload video to sharing web sites likeYouTube and MySpace


If I’m going to spend greater than 100 greenbacks on an merchandise or somewhere around there, I do extensive analysis first to know I got the best bang-for-the-buck and, consequently, sidestep any possible long run buyer’s remorse.

I’ve learned that the time I spend doing my product comparisons is frequently time that others do not need so I would possibly as smartly share what I can.

I’ll start by way of pronouncing that you’ll see my “Verified Amazon Purchase” on the Flip HD Ultra Camcorder review because, obviously, that’s the one I wound up shopping for and I’ll percentage with you why. But what I like in a camcorder may not suit your individual wishes so I’ll holiday it down and let making a decision what is right for you by way of what I found out:

Here are the pocket camcorders I compared:

Flip UltraHD (will be referred to as “F”)
Flip Mino HD 2nd era (Will be known as “M”)
Creative Labs Vado HD 8 GB second generation (Will be known as “CL”)
Kodak Zi6 Pocket HD (Will be referred to as “K”)

Why HD cameras only? Brighter colors and better images, wider photographs

F: a hundred and twenty minutes.
M: one hundred twenty mins
CL:120 mins
K: 25 mins with batteries they included, a hundred and twenty mins if you purchase an SD card

F: 8 GB
M:8 GB
CL: eight GB
K: internally only 30 MB recording house nevertheless it has 32 GB expandable SD/SDHC card slot. Because it comes with such small recording space you really need to buy an SD or SDHC card to maximise its potential, however the attainable is actually excellent and this may occasionally increase your skill to shoot longer.

All 720p that is excellent, just one step under the top 1080p format.

F: Stereo
M: Mono **Update** They are now placing Stereo Mics in the Minos as of 2010.
CL: Mono
K: Mono

F:Premier AAC audio. Best stereo sound high quality but still now not great in winds
M:Good sound quality. Still not excellent in winds.
CL:Poor sound quality; had problems with sound and picture no longer being in sync.
K:Poor sound high quality

F: 2x
K: negative quality zoom on the one I attempted however I still assume it is 2x. It has a really perfect macro center of attention for very close-up objects if, for example, you see a bumble bee and need to shoot it on a leaf a couple of inches away! Kinda cool.

F: 4.3×2.2×1.2 4 oz.
M: 3.9x2x0.6 3. three oz
CL: 3.9x3x0.6 3.5 oz.
K: 5.5× 5.6 oz

F: 6.2 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches ; 11.2 oz
M: 2 x 0.7 x 3.9 inches ; 1 pound
CL: 3.3 x 7.9 x 6.3 inches ; 11.2 oz.
K: 4x 5x 2.5″ 2.4 lbs

F: USB cable pops out of the back so you do not want to stay alongside of a separate cable. Comes with Flip Video rechargeable AA battery pack (recharges whilst connected to USB); also supported via standard AA batteries. Note: Some units come with the HDMi mini included and others include the rechargeable battery pack on Amazon. Looks like one or the opposite however in fact if you wish to have each you’ll be able to buy the other.
M: USB cable pops out of the back in this one as well. Has kid safe button to stop unintended deletion of videos. Internal lithium ion battery recharges thru built-in USB arm
CL: USB in camcorder. Included in field are HDMI cable (nice), USB extension cable,(nice)silicon skin (cool) & rechargeable battery.
K: Included in field are HD and AV cables and wrist strap and rechargeable batteries and battery charger. Has built in USB arm.

F: 30 frames in line with second.
M: 30 frames per 2d
CL: 30 frames consistent with 2nd
K: number of 30 frames consistent with second or 60 frames in line with second.

VIEWING SCREEN: All 2″ except for the Kodak was once the largest at 2.4″

F: Best low-light efficiency for the mini cameras (though no longer highest at all) and least amount of blurring and dropped frames in my opinion. Best color. Only one with stereo sound. You can get an underwater case for this one! Though that can sound loopy for a Texan, we use the digicam non-stop on holidays and even if we don’t seem to be IN the water, we are across the water…on boats, within the sand with sea mist, etc. Then we can dive in and document the fish. Comes preloaded with flipshare software…just plug in to laptop and it pops up. Only one with stereo sound.
M: Colors do not appear as just right at the Mino as the opposite cameras. Thinnest camera. Make sure you get the one who best comes within the color aluminum or brushed metal. If it is available in some other colors it’s the 1st era MinoHD and they progressed upon that one in the newer models. Great audio. Better capturing in low mild than so much mini cameras. Camera comes preloaded with FlipShare software. Can get nonetheless pictures thru flipshare software.
CL: Decent filming in low mild but no longer just about as just right because the Ultra or Mino; Software is preloaded in camcorder.
K: This is the one digital camera that I when put next without the built in image stabilizatin which corrects for shaky images. What seems to be metal in image is in truth a chrome coloured plastic. That said, this had the biggest viewing monitor of all of them. 2.4″ Very bad in low light and looked as if it would have far more shaking and blurring. It also takes nonetheless footage however they are in point of fact truly bad quality…same as a lesser-quality mobile phone footage however good in a pinch if you need a nonetheless shot and don’t have any mobile phone or digicam I s’pose. Heaviest for a pocket camera. Software is not preloaded in camcorder however a cd comes with it.

F Excellent
M Excellent
CL Very Good
K Very Good

And, finally, the opinions of the Flip from experts swayed me fairly a bit:
Fast Company: “Flip Ultra HD is Pure Digital’s “Best Pocket Camcorder Yet.” 6-09

USA Today: “New Flip Ultra Video Cameras Might Flip Your Switch” 4-09

Business Week: How do you Invigorate a Recession? Look to i-phone, Flip, Kindle, and Zip Car For Answers

There have been lootttts more I got here throughout whilst studying the Flip Ultra HD however those are some of my favorites.

CONCLUSION: Clearest picture and sound was essential to me, skilled critiques that pointed to the Flip UltraHD as well and I liked the in-built software and the case I can get to shoot underwater. It is the #1 selling camcorder as well. So that used to be my personal decision-making process. However, remember that if you wish to have reading glasses none of so that they can topic if the 2″ display is simply too small in your viewing the shots easily for playback wherein case you may also want to get the Kodak if that is important to you..

Also: No matter which one you get, you’ll almost certainly need a mini tripod if you ever want to be within the shot yourself do do not forget those.

Also note: It’s complicated as a result of whilst these manufacturers make adjustments within the camcorders, they don’t amendment the names on the new versions, nor do they change the names if it’s an HD version or a non-HD version so remember to look for the “HD” after the brand name and look for “2nd generation” or “newer version” on the Mino and Vado in case you like one of those better so you do not get the older models.

Hope my obsessive comparing and contrasting for my own buying assistance helped you as neatly despite the fact that what you wanted in a camera was different from me. 🙂

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Before use External Hard Drive, Review of Western Digital WD Elements USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive. Read Now!

This product designed with the same commitment to quality that made WD external drives the #1 drives in the world, Western Digital’s WD Elements USB 2.0 external arduous drives are the proper answer for merely reasonably priced add-on storage. Just plug it in to a USB port and get started saving your photos, music, video, and files. Kit contains; USB 2.0 exterior onerous drive, USB cable, AC adapter, Quick Install Guide.
I paintings for Computing beef up at Arizona State University, and I have sufficient technical wisdom to be certified as a TECH JUNKIE :).

Review of any user

I am a photographer too, so I even have lots of Photos (about 160GB), Videos, Software, Movies and Documentaries. I was in search of a easy external exhausting drive with none backup tool included, I am good sufficient to do guide incremental backups with report tree construction intact (I use GOODSYNC to backup, its quite simple and easy to use and free).

I have checked out many many exterior HDDs and narrowed down to two fashions “Samsung Story 1TB – very good one too” and this one (I wanted it to be affordable too – got this for $85 on […]). I did not move with other WD models as a result of their traumatic Backup Software.

Coming to the WD Elements 1TB: Its much smaller than I expected. It is useless silent, I had to touch it to convince myself that it was once running, when I first became it on. Its no longer too heavy either. The indicator gentle is positioned at the rear, which is an excellent factor (I to find these LED’s annoying, especially at night).

After I did the primary setup, I copied 383GB of knowledge (931GB used to be general space). It took approximately 4hr 47min, velocity various between 20MBps to 37MBps. This is beautiful good pace for USB 2.0. It was once just a little warm (my antique segate onerous pressure can be very extremely popular for this amount of data transfer).

I could suggest it to novices or professionals alike. I am more than happy with this purchase!


After approximately three months of heavy usage, it never gave up on me. Its nonetheless useless silent and works flawlessly. It never got even warm!!

Follow these steps to get GOODSYNC for FREE:

In the beginning GOODSYNC was once free, later they made a paid version as it gained popularity..

but there’s a technique to get PRO model for free…

1. pass to excellent sync website
2. signup for a trial offer and you get PRO serial for free (I signed up for eMusic trial)
3. Once you get the serial, end the subscription ahead of the trial expires…

And one

I purchased this on sale at Fry’s for $99, approach under the amazon price. I wanted one thing simple as most onerous drives at the moment come with their demanding inbuilt instrument which can’t be deleted (like WD Essential Edition). This is a hassle loose drive and isn’t bundled with any of the extra tool which is exactly what I wanted. You simply plug it in and it works. It can simply be formatted to work with macs as well. I’ve been the usage of WD onerous drives for years and I own a number of fashions of the “essential” and “passport” editions. They are very reliable.

This elements laborious power has a graceful and sexy, minimalist design. It is definitely constructed general and constructed of sturdy plastic. There is a slot for the USB cable, a slot for the power adapter and a tiny round white mild which blinks whilst it’s in use (the mild is not overwhelming as a few exhausting drives can be). All 3 of those options are on one side/face of the laborious force (as proven in the picture), so when you have this plugged in and it’s facing away from you, you will not see the light at all. This doesn’t bother me however it can be a turn off for a few people.

When in operation, it is very clean and quiet compared to other WD onerous drives I own. This is also as a result of the truth that it’s closed solely and there are not any holes for ventilation as in different WD models. But this doesn’t trouble me because I simply use this as a backup and do not want it on all the time. This could (emphasis on “could”) be a subject matter if you are continuously the usage of your exhausting power as a result of it’s going to transform hot. I haven’t skilled this at all, simply speculating. If you are simply backing up files and, say, gazing a film in your pc that is saved at the laborious drive, I assume you’ll be nice and there won’t be any heating issues.

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